Andrea Pizza


2 elements were requested for this project. Unique design and a large amount of social integration. The design uses some creative and effective techniques, such as an auto-resizing background that will fit any browser. Socially, it is really tied up to Facebook and even integrates GoWalla activity


  • Date: October 2011
  • Technology: Joomla 1.7, custom templating, heavy Facebook and social media integration, contact forms, Googlemap API
  • Client Testimonial:
    Happy Dog Productions has, by far, provided the best design, construction, and professional web services I've ever experienced. They were really able to take our vision and translate it into something that resonated with customers. They went above and beyond. What came out goes well-beyond a's an experience. We were looking for more than just design, we were looking for a company that could understand and translate "why" we are so passionate about what we do. Happy Dog did just that. Thank you Ryan & Team.
    Date of Posting: 18 October 2011
    Posted By: Antonio Gambino & Shaz Khan
    Andrea Pizza, Minneapolis, MN