We're a Joomla Web Design Company

What do we mean when we say "web design?" The goal of web design is to create visually appealing web content for online visitors. Web design prioritizes the aesthetic qualities of each page - colors, shapes, text placement - in contrast to web development, which focuses on the navigation and functionality of a website (we're also a Joomla web development company, so we can do both!). 

Visual first impressions translate into conversions. At Happy Dog, we know that an artful, attractive website is your first step to hooking prospective customers. It's the same "wow" factor as a well-designed storefront or an eye-catching billboard. A drab, ugly website won't bring in traffic. Today's online visitors have low tolerance for unappealing websites; trust us, if visitors don't feel welcome, they won't stick around for long.

It's like if you were to rent a ransacked, dilapidated building with broken windows and graffiti for your company's headquarters. What smart business person would do that? Image is everything. That's why outstanding web design is vital to your marketing strategy. 

Lookin' good, Joomla

Joomla sites look good - real good. Visit our project gallery and see for yourself: each website is custom-designed to fit the unique personality and brand of the business. Our designs range from a warm and bright design for Bella Tan to clean marble and nostalgic graphics to fit family business Leone's Building Service

Just in the past few years, we have integrated high-performance design for over 60 Joomla-based websites - and we love to look at how completely different they are!

As a Joomla web design company based in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, we offer the utmost in web design:

  • Innovative, custom designs to showcase your brand.
  • Mastery of complex design techniques.
  • Professional designers who hold collegiate degrees in web design.
  • The option to integrate responsive design for desktop, tablets and mobile devices.